New Moon Labs

A botique Colorado consultancy focused on Platform Engineering.

Platform Engineering represents the evolution of DevOps, Agile, and Lean approaches in infrastructure. Observability and automation are essential for fostering a high-impact culture. Even small enhancements in the platform developer experience can lead to significant increases in productivity.

Software teams require infrastructure they can trust, that serves them with minimal toil. This necessity persists in the AI-driven landscape.

New Moon Labs serves Platform, DevOps, and Infrastructure teams. We meet you where you're at, working together to address urgent issues and execute on long-term strategy. Our joint mission is to enhance support for your customers, whether they are developers or end-users.

Your team will work directly with Ned McClain, our Principal Engineer. For projects demanding intense focus, we can expand our team with additional engineers or involve our trusted partners."

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DevOps is Our Core Competency

From tracing, metrics, and events to IaC, CI/CD, and deployment, to production performance, cost, and security... we have you covered. In the cloud or on-prem.

Engineering principles

Collaboration and Communication.
We promote tight coordination between development and operations teams, have deep experience with Agile and Lean, and help foster a culture of continuous learning. We use our tools - no need to tackle a new ticketing or chat system.
Great performance impacts end-users, cost, and scalability alike. Our holistic approach, from software to IaaS, targets the highest-impact and lowest-effort opportunities first. Through rapid iteration and delivery, you'll see ROI weekly.
Our goal is to build products that meet the needs of your users while also being cost-effective. We will tackle stateful storage, session management, load balancing, instrumentation, and horizontal scalability together, building a reliable platform for your applications to scale to millions of users. Scalability will be a feature of your MVP.
Great tooling can unlock an inclusive, collaborative, and high performing team culture. Rapid CI/CD, GitOps, ChatOps, robust testing, and in-depth observability are essential for software teams of any size. To move fast, a high-trust team wins every time. Modern tools help build this trust.
On day zero. Confidentiality, integrity, and availability aren't just something you build into a product: they are achieved through diligent operations as much as architecture. Security is baked into all our work and ingrained in our engineering process.
Complexity is a burden for performance, security, and every one of your users and operators. We focus on simple, understandable solutions that reduce cost, ease troubleshooting, and lower cognitive overhead. We'll help you allocate your innovation tokens wisely.
Ned McClain

Work with Ned

Here are a few of the ways we can work together.

  • DevOps and developer leadership
  • Cloud cost optimization
  • CI/CD pipelines & automation
  • Observability & alerting strategy
  • Cloud-native migrations
  • Performance engineering
  • Security & compliance programs
  • Developer-focused platforms