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New Moon Labs helps software teams optimize cost, performance, and operability in the public cloud.

Startup to enterprise, we ensure your cloud architecture is secure and scalable.

We support Amazon AWS We support Google Cloud (GCP) We do the Kube: Kubernetes We live for Go We love Linux We do Vue.js



Working closely with your development, operations, and product teams, we'll design an architecture that will scale with your business. Our design process prioritizes performance, security, cost, and operability. Cost controls are part of every design; grow lean, so you're in a strong position when you run out of cloud credits.


We have "carried the pager" for decades and recognize the value of operations. Let us help with CI/CD implementation/optimization, observability, automation, and DevOps/SRE strategy. We believe that modern tooling can effect a culture shift that unifies teams across the organization.

Security and Compliance

With over a decade of experience performing PCI, ISO, and HIPAA audits and remediation, we know the ins-and-outs of compliance. As developers ourselves, we understand how to maintain exceptional security while streamlining the dev/test/deploy cycle. Security meets agility.

Implementation & Migration

From serverless POCs to clusters with thousands of nodes, we have built it. With infrastructure as code, your cloud environment will be reliable and repeatable. Lift and shift migration to the cloud can be costly: we'll help you safely migrate your apps and data in a cloud-native way.

Rapid Prototyping

Your MVP doesn't have to be hacked together with duct tape and baling wire. We can help you get your UI and back end services in front of users ASAP. Moreover, we can do it quickly and without a huge investment.

Data Wrangling

From ingestion to query, we have deep experience with data pipelines and data lake design. We strive for efficiency in terms of cost, query performance, and operational overhead. Let's get all your data visible in one pane of glass!

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With over 160 AWS services, you have to know what to use when.
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Engineering principles

Principle: Collaboration


Our top priority is excellent communication. We use the collaboration tools you use - no need to tackle a new ticketing system. Our practice of rapid iteration and delivery means that you see ROI every single week we work together.

Principle: Scalability


Let's figure out stateful storage, session management, load balancing, and horizontal scalability together. We can establish a reliable platform for your applications to scale to millions of users. Scalability will be a feature of your MVP.

Principle: Simplicity


Complexity is a burden for performance, security, and every one of your users and operators. We focus on simple, understandable solutions that reduce cost, ease troubleshooting, and lower cognitive overhead.

Principle: Security


On day one. The practice of security includes protecting sensitive data, guaranteeing it isn't tampered with, and ensuring that data is available. We embrace this often-overlooked tenet in IT security. Security is baked into all our work.

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